Filming Sony HDV

We use state of the art Sony High Def production Video Cameras as well as wireless microphones, on camera lighting, a shoulder brace on which the camera is mounted for extra steady shots and enough batteries to last a lengthy Safari.


Our editing is done in a world class, state of the art professional editing studio. To familiarize you with the unknown world we would like to describe it as follows. Real time editing is done with the leading editing programs available on the world market.

In the FieldProduction

The production phase is where we seamlessly blend the raw material into a piece of art. We start with cutting away of un-needed video material to shorten all the hours of unnecessary footage.
From here we create a Day-by-Day timeline starting with Day of Arrival, Day 1, all the way through to Day of Departure.

We trim all the footage and add the fades and special effects needed to make your safari around an hour long (unless your Safari is over 14 days it could turn out to be a 2 Disc set).

We add African background music and more intense rhythms on exciting parts of the hunt.
We take all the highlights of the safari and make an intro montage which you first see when you start watching your DVD.

This will be followed by a Menu where you will have the following selections; Intro, Play Film, Scene Selection, Slideshow and Bloopers.

DVD MenuFrom here we burn the project to regular DVD or Bluray DVD and make the appropriate duplications for the Client, PH and Outfitter.

Now we design your DVD case and Disc labels using Photoshop and images taken on safari.

Lastly we drop your DVD’s in the mail and wait to hear back from you if everything is in order. From the day we mail the Discs we keep the project open for 1 month just in case certain changes need to be made.